Metric Power Transmission

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To keep your European Metric power transmission systems running smoothly, Solve Industrial Motion Group makes finding the right components fast and easy. We stock a full line of metric products, including:

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In addition to our extensive product inventory, Solve’s Sales and Engineering teams are ready to work with you to find the ideal solution and best value for your application.

Solve at Work
A gourmet food producer used a 750-foot stainless steel chain with metric attachments in their large-scale chiller application. The chain was sourced from Italy and proved difficult to get through the company’s normal procurement process given the conversion rate, taxes and importing fees.

The producer turned to Solve’s Engineering team who worked with local resources to produce a chain that met the application’s specs. Thanks to Solve, the chain worked perfectly in the chiller and came in at 38% less than the OEM.

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If you need help identifying or sourcing a metric component, our experienced inside sales team is available 24/7, and our nationwide field sales team is also available for in-person training and assistance.

For product help or engineering support, complete the form on this page, or call 1-800-763-4434.